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Contracts and Purchase Orders (Requisitions)

  • Contracts: Used for contracting of all goods/services from all external vendors, regardless of dollar amount or source of payment ("State-Side"/UW-funded OR Foundation)
  • Purchase Orders: Used for purchasing goods/services from all external vendors when the purchase requires special approvals and/or is over $5,000
  • Contracting for Credit Instruction (please check webpage for extensive policy/procedure): Used when contracting with a corporation/entity, unaccredited institution, etc. is ABSOLUTELY necessary.  Instructors teaching in courses taught for academic credit, who are individuals, MUST BE PAYROLLED.  Information regarding "Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff" is also available in the webpage, regarding the minimum qualifications.

WSB Contract & Purchase Order Request Form - Required when submitting a contract or requisition request

Forms must be completed in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, to save information entered on forms, attach documents, or submit via e-mail.
Forms completed "in browser" lose this functionality.  Simply right-click over the form and click on "Save Link As...".

Purchasing Information Inquiry

Disclaimer: The Purchasing Information Inquiry may be used to look up vendors, look up existing purchase orders, check to see if an invoice has processed against an existing purchase order, and/or to see if your requisition has been processed by Purchasing Services yet. New contract requests, requisition requests, and purchase order management will continue to be processed through the FMO, using the Contract & Purchase Order Request FormPlease allow adequate time for processing at Purchasing Services, when requesting contracts and/or requisitions (i.e. Purchase Orders, Blanket Orders, etc.). From the time your completed request is submitted to the FMO, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for requests up to $5,000, 3-4 weeks for requests between $5,001 and $24,999, 6-8 weeks for requests $25,000-$49,999, and contact the FMO for time frames, instructions, etc., for all purchase requests over $50,000.00. For all ASSA requests, please allow at least 6-8 weeks, regardless of dollar amount.**

Contact your FMO Purchasing Contact if you have questions regarding required documentation for contract & requisition requests or if you have any other purchasing questions.

**Please note: These time frames are only estimates and may differ, depending on the service or product you are purchasing (or even if you are getting it for free).  Please submit requests as early as possible, with as much supporting documentation as possible, to avoid any potential delays in processing your request. Please also keep in mind that while ALL contracts must be signed by a delegated Purchasing Agent (which are at UW-Madison's Purchasing Services), each "commodity" (e.g. databases, consulting, space rentals, student group travel, etc.) only has ONE Primary Purchasing Agent assigned to it, along with MANY other commodity areas.  While each Agent also has a back-up, their back-ups are also full-time Agents with their own commodities to oversee.  So please, always try to submit requests as early as possible, with as much documentation as possible, and please try to be patient with us, as we work with Purchasing Services to process your requests as quickly as possible.

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